The Australian summers are known for being extremely hot and dry; apparently, it’s during this time of the year that the risk of bushfires increases manifold. In the past, these devastating bushfires have caused innumerable loss to the precious human lives, wildlife and property worth millions.

Residential Roller Shutters

Create a Protective Cover with Residential Roller Shutters

Fitting your doors and windows with fire-rated residential shutters will offer a robust protective cover to your property. These roller shutters block the entry point of the fire, thus making the premises less vulnerable to getting burned down to ashes.

At Campbelltown Roller Shutters, we have a wide range of BAL 40 rated bushfire roller shutters that are ideal for both residential and commercial properties, particularly for the ones located in the bushfire prone areas.

Manufactured to the highest standards using the best in class equipment, our roller shutters are available in a 40mm curved profile, which provides its supreme strength, making them highly secure against fire. Featuring a clean, stylish and classy design, our roller shutters have a slight “V” groove line on its convex side which adds an element of drama to your property. Whether you own a heritage home, a contemporary residence or an industrial warehouse, our roller shutters perfectly complement any property, irrespective of its structural design. Available in a variety of long-lasting and fade-resistant coating, you can get the shutter powder coated in any colour of your choice.

For us, quality is a non-negotiable aspect; so we made sure that our roller shutters undergo strict quality checks. The CSIRO thoroughly tests our BAL 40 roller shutters under intense bushfire simulated conditions. The results showed that it could withstand a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2 without showing any signs of ignition or inflammation even after one hour.



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