Manual Operated Roller Shutters

Manual Control Roller Shutters

Why Install Manual Roller Shutters in Campbelltown?

If you are looking for a cost-effective option to enhance the security and safety of your commercial and residential establishments, a manual roller shutter is your best bet. Not only is it more affordable than automatic options, but it also doesn’t need a motor or electricity to operate. This is what makes them perfect for use during power failures. Moreover, manual roller shutters in Campbelltown are an energy-saving and environmentally friendly option.

Why Choose Campbelltown Roller Shutters?

At Campbelltown, we provide manual roller shutters with a spring fitted inside the axle. This spring is tensioned so that it can support the weight of the shutter. This mechanism makes the operation of closing and opening the shutters very convenient.

This flawless composition enables easy motion. You can open and close the shutters simply by pulling it down with handles, much like a curtain. Furthermore, this stretched shutter can be sealed by keying the lock, attached to the bottom bar, shut. In addition, the position of the key lock will depend on personal choice. In standard situations, it is placed facing outside the shutter but can be reversed and placed inside as well. In situations when the preference has a lock at a particular place on the shutter, except for the bottom, a Flat Locking Slat is used.

Some of our varieties also enable the use of a personal padlock by customers or some other customised form of padlocks.

Campbelltown Roller Shutters’ spring-operated shutters are perfect for commercial establishments including bars, storefronts, cafes and more since these provide total protection to your establishment. In addition, our expert technicians will help with easy installation and repair services and answer all your queries with relation to our products.

Types of Manual Roller Shutters

At Campbelltown Roller Shutters, we provide two types of manual roller shutters in Campbelltown, which are as follows.

This is the most popular roller shutter for residential use in Australia. The system fits into the wall cavity properly and gives a finished as well as concealed look.

In a winder roller shutter, a belt that runs through a pulley, that is rotated over the shutter drum, is connected to the manual winder. When the pressure is applied to the winder, the shutter opens and closes as per the direction in which it is rotated.

The orientation of the winder box can be made horizontal or vertical by interchanging the roller and hole cap.

  • Strap Control Roller Shutters

For circumstances when there is a lack of wall space, and the openings are much smaller, a contemporary strap control roller shutter is used. Its winder control panel is connected to a nylon belt attached to a pulley as well as the shutter drum. The belt is tugged on in order to open and close the shutters. Therefore, this supports a lower weight when compared to winder control rollers shutters.

High-quality materials are used in the interior mechanism as well as the cover. This thereby guarantees not just a better finish but also a dependable operation.

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